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I'm trying to write git pre-commit hook script, it should write date of commit at the begining of modified files. My problem is that i can't add modified files to previous commit. When i trying invoke git commit again it runs recursive. How i can write script, which append time of modification at the end of modified files?

My code:


files_modified=`git diff-index --name-only HEAD`

for f in $files_modified; do
    if [[ $f == *.groovy ]]; then
        $line = $(head -1 f)
        if [[ $line == "/%%*" ]];
            sed -i 1d
        echo "/%% " + $(date +"%m_%d_%Y") + " %%\\" >> f
        git add f
git commit --amend #recursive
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You cannot amend a commit in a pre commit hook.
And what you are doing is similar to the keyword expansion mechanism, which is not a best practice with Git (or any DVCS), as explained in "To put the prefix ?<revision-number> to codes by Git/Svn".

Other approaches include:

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May be git attribute with smudge/clean operation is what you are looking for:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Related: use git smudge/clean to replace file contents

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