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i used this one but dont success login
This is my code
i didn't get echo 'ASDASD'; o/p in browser so problm in User.login

require_once 'C:\xampp\htdocs\eventBot\system\libraries\Zend\XmlRpc\Client.php';
echo "123";
$oClient = new Zend_XmlRpc_Client('');
echo "hello";
$oHttpClient = new Zend_Http_Client();
echo "123";


$aResponse = $oClient->call('User.login', array(array(
'login'    => 'myloginname@domainname',
'password' => 'mypassword',
'remember' => 1
echo "ASDASD";
echo "$aResponse";
$aResponse = $oClient->call('Bug.create', array(array(
'product'     => "My Product",
'component'   => "My Component",
'summary'     => "This is the summary of the bug I'm creating",
'version'     => "unspecified",
'description' => "This is a description of the bug",
'op_sys'      => "All",
'platform'    => "---",
'priority'    => "P5",
'severity'    => "Trivial"
$iBugId = $aResponse['id'];

$aResponse = $oClient->call('User.logout');

echo "ddfgfd";
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