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I have this string abc_123_test and I am trying to get just "test" from the string. I have this code currently.

$string = 'abc_123_test';

$extracted_string = substr( $string, 0, strrpos( $string, '_' ) );

However this gets the first part of the string, everything up to 'abc_123'. So it seems it is reverse of what I wanted. I thought by using strrpos, it will get the reversed but obviously I am missing something.

Any help?

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Your problem isn't with strrpos(), it's with substr(). Read the documentation. – Barmar Feb 1 '13 at 5:51

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strrpos does reverse the sense in that it looks for the final one, but you're still doing the substring from the start of the string to that point.

You can use:

substr ($string, strrpos( $string, '_' ) + 1 );

to get the final bit of the string rather than the starting bit. This starts at the position one beyond the final _ and, because you omit the length, it gives you the rest of the string.

There are no doubt better ways to achieve this but, if you're limiting yourself to substr and strrpos, this will work fine.

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Thanks for this...I didn't know I could use substr without length... – user381800 Feb 1 '13 at 6:44


array_pop(split('_', $string));

Codepad Example:

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You may want to use explode instead.

echo end(explode('_', $string));
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Try this:

 array_pop(explode('_', $string));
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substr( $string, strrpos( $string, '_' )+1)
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$extracted_string = substr($string,strrpos($string, '_')+1);

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I think you need to use the below code:

 $extracted_string = substr( $string, strrpos( $string, '_' )+1);

substr( $string, 0, strrpos( $string, '_' ) ); - this starts from 0th position.

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try this easy way using explode()

$string = 'abc_123_test';
$string = explode('_',$string);
echo $string[2]; //output test
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You can just try this code to get 'test' from following string

$string = 'abc_123_test';

echo substr($string,8,11);

best luck

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