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If an application contain too many files, modules/components of different sizes (small, medium, large). Then with a single processor how can we run that software application as fast as we could or what strategies we should adopt in order to make that application to run fast.

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Design for performance well; if you don't do this up front nothing will save you. Measure performance using good performance analysis tools. Tune the hot spots. "Application has too many files" isn't usually a performance bottleneck; besides, how did you decide it has too many files? –  Ira Baxter Feb 4 '13 at 5:39

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If you are using Linux, there are some options.
In your code you can use setrlimit and increase your process priority by modifying RLIMIT_NICE RLIMIT_RTPRIO RLIMIT_RTTIME RLIMIT_STACK attributes of the above mentioned API.
Also take a look at sched_setscheduler(2) and sched_setparam(2). (Since Linux 2.6.25)
You can aswell change the priority from command line using these commands

Cheers .. :)

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what about the Windows? –  Tayyaba Imran Feb 2 '13 at 18:07

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