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I have created a cluster in weblogic server with two managed servers. My admin server is listing on and other two managed servers are listing on and . As i want to call the EJB application deploy on this cluster I have developed a client application. I used the address as the remote address to call from the client. When the both managed servers up and running my application works fine. But I want to run the application server if one manage server is down. When the is down it works fine. But when is down client requests doesn't forward to other server.
Please advice me is my approach correct for set up the weblogic cluster. And can i used one of the managed server address to call from the client application?

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You have to do the look-up for the cluster, not only for a server. Here is an example on how to do this on WebLogic.

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Problem in your approach is that you are looking up a specific managed server instance instead of the cluster/Load balancer, so you always hit the same managed instance every time.

As already answered, you need to lookup on the WL cluster.

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