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I've inherited an AS2 app that has a lot of functionality. I need to embed this thing somehow in my AS3 app so I can execute function calls etc and basically control it. Has anyone ever tried something like this? I'm assuming I'll have to URLLoader the AS2 SWF into a MovieClip and take it from there.

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AS3 SWF (AVM2 movie) can load AS2 movies (AVM1 movie) using the Loader class, but cannot access the methods/properties of it. The loaded AS2 movie will be of type AVM1Movie (and not MovieClip).

Livedocs page about AVM1Movie

The two movies can communicate with each other using the LocalConnection class. See sending data from avm2 to avm1

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Grant Skinner has a very useful pair of classes that simplify AS3<->AS2 communications over LocalConnection. We've used it to great success.


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