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Why ShouldSerialize pattern of partial serialization didn't work on custom RuntimeTypeModel? Is this work as designed?

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I'm guessing that you are passing false to applyDefaultBehaviour, i.e.

var type = model.Add(typeof(SomeType), applyDefaultBehaviour: false);

in which case this question becomes "why, when I tell it not to apply any inbuilt patterns, does it not apply any inbuilt patterns?".

If you have elected to configure the model entirely manually, then you must configure the model entirely manually. In this case, something like:

type.AddField(1, "Foo").SetSpecified(
    typeof(SomeType).GetMethod("FooSpecified"), null);

(the first parameter is the "get" method, for use during serialization; the second parameter is the "set" method, for use during deserialization)

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Thanks Marc. This is exactly i'm looking for. I have been missed this GetSpecified method. –  GromHellscream Feb 1 '13 at 10:31

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