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I have a problem, which only is an issue when my application is deployed - there is no issue when developing.

I have 2 controlleres. One controller residing i a plugin which the second is extending. There exists a specific template in a view folder - /templates/_mytemplate.gsp in the "main" project -that is, not in the plugin.

The "common-controller" has a method for rendering various templates based on a string. And this is where the trouble starts. Using:

String summary = groovyPageRenderer.render(template: "/mycontroller/templates/_mytemplates.gsp", model: [foo: bar])

Works perfectly fine in development but when war-deployed, the string is empty. I have narrowed the problem down to be of resolveSearchPaths method in DefaultGroovyPageLocator [1] which differentiates the lookup path.

Anyone? What would be reasonable solution? Preferable the templates are not located in the plugin....

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I ran into a similar issue with a release a few days back and used something like:

try {
        //look for template in the main app
        def html = render(template:'/mycontroller/templates/mytemplates', model: [foo: bar])
        if(html && html.size() > 0) {
            render html
    } catch (Exception e) {
        //bad way to handle template not found.
    //fallback on the template defined in the plugin
    render(plugin:'myPlugin', template:'/mycontroller/templates/mytemplates', model: [foo: bar])

This probably isn't the best way to handle this issue but at least gets the deployed war working.

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Stupid stupid stupid!

Developing on windows - deploying to Unix. So forgot a camelcase T <- which works on Windows not on Unix :)

So to make it work:

String summary = groovyPageRenderer.render(template: "/mycontroller/templates/_my**T**emplates.gsp", model: [foo: bar])
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