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I have highcharts graphic at my main HTML. I put it in a small div so some parts of graphics is not showed. When user clicks a button it opens at colorbox as a popup however doesn't refresh its size. When I click to inspect with Firebug it suddenly refresh its size and everything is normal. When I close colorbox it it still big and I can not see many part of the graphic too.

Is there any idea about how to refresh Highcharts graphic and why it is refreshing itself(what I want) just when I click inspect element with Firebug?

PS: It works when I resize the windows not related to Firebug. There is something here seems same problem with mine:

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I called window.resize after data loaded and after colorbox closed, it solved the problem.

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Without an example to look at its hard to tell, but here is what I think is happening:

First check if the option reflow is set to true. If it is then Highcharts will monitor window.resize events and redraw itself when a resize occurs. My guess is that when activating Firebug, the window is resized and the chart is redrawn.

If you want to manually set a new size of the chart you can use the api method setSize(). To only redraw the chart you should use redraw().

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For reflow it is set to true by default. I can not get chart object from my other js, I am looking for a generic solution for my issue. – kamaci Feb 1 '13 at 9:15
What I described is how Highcharts treats resize events and how to do a resize manually. I don't know how to help you further without an example to look at. – eolsson Feb 1 '13 at 9:27

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