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I'm just starting out with Angular, so this might be a common newbie mistake but I am trying to achieve the following url format:


Which I believe should be the default for Angular?

This is my configuration:

angular.module('App', []).config(function($routeProvider, $locationProvider, VIEWS_ROOT) {
    $locationProvider.hashPrefix = '!';

    // Routing
    $routeProvider.when('/', {templateUrl: './welcome.html', controller: 'WelcomeController'});
   $routeProvider.when('/about', {templateUrl: './about.html', controller: 'AboutController'});
.run(function($rootScope) {

In my html I have a simple anchor like so:

<a href="#!/about">About</a>

However when I click that anchor, the resulting URL constructed is:


Which obviously fails to match any of my routes... a bit stumped on what's actually happening here, or what I'm doing wrong. I'm running off my local Apache instance under a vhost. There's nothing going on with mod_rewrite - so it looks like Angular is doing this.

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Solved: Think I must have been looking at an old example somewhere, as it's a method to set the hashPrefix, not a property. $locationProvider.hashPrefix('!'); –  leepowell Feb 1 '13 at 10:36
You should post that as an answer! Eventually the site will let you accept it as well. –  BinaryMuse Feb 1 '13 at 18:28

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It's a method to set the hashPrefix, not a property. $locationProvider.hashPrefix('!');

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