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I'm hesitating on whether to ask this question here or on Ubuntu dedicated site. But I think here will have more probability of being answered. If someone believe it should be moved, please recommend doing it.

After a couple of days struggling with several tutorials and answers as this one, this, this, this SO answer and more. I finally have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, OpenERP 7.0 and Eclipse Juno + PyDev + xml templates all up, tested and running.

But I can't manage to add a new workspace with openerp source folder and therefore I'm unable to debug OpenERP too. I'm newbie working in Linux so maybe some of the steps I've followed I thought was correct but it wasn't. At the end I have the following situation:

  • OpenERP is running on a folder located on: /opt/openerp, and I ran sudo chmod -R 777 openerp/*
  • Eclipse is running on: /home/eclipse/bin/ and executed sudo chown -R myuser:myuser eclipse

I'm creating a new workspace by pointing to my OpenERP folder (see first bullet-point). But once it is added and refreshed it does not show the folders inside, addons, server and web. Here is a screen capture:

enter image description here

So, I cannot debug also. Opening this video will show exactly the step that I can not replicate. When I click on Browse to add a project on a new debug configuration nothing is shown. I guess it has something to do with the workspace not working.

Any clue on what I'm doing wrong? Some other place I can look for answers? Or should I forget about this set and start clean again?

There are several similar questions to this one and I have read'em all, some of them are closed, hope mine will not follow same path.

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Grrr!! As usual, asked the question and found where the problem was some minutes later...and it was a really dumb problem, friday makes me idiot... and if someone is struggling with the same issue, my answer is (repeat one thousand times):

do not forget to uncheck the "Use default" check box when creating the project

I was able to browse to the needed folder and create the project on my workspace at once. Now is up, running and I'm able to debug without any issue.

Don't forget to uncheck the use default chekbox

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