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In my .js have a string

var jdata ="[{\"name\":\"John\"}]"

I want to convert it to [{"name":"John"}].

I tried the following but fail

jdata = jdata.replace("\"","\"")
jdata = jdata.replace("\\"","\"") jdata = jdata.replace("\\\"","\"")

What is the right way to replace?

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Do you want an array back? –  ustasb Feb 1 '13 at 9:50

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If you want it to become an object just do this:


The result will be [{"name":"John"}] objectified.

Otherwise, you already have the job done. If you try to print "[{\"name\":\"John\"}]" you will see that has no \ character as it is an escape character.

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\ is just to use escape the double quotes inside the string (because you use double quote outside).

There is no \ char in your string actually.

If you want to turn the string to object, then use:

var obj = JSON.parse(jdata);
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When you print the string you will see the escape character \ is not displayed. It is just needed because something enclosed in quotes can't contain quotes that are not escaped.

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If all you want is to convert it to a string [{"name":"John"}], you can use regex to do that with:

jdata = jdata.replace(/\\\"/,"\"");
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