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I am using querypath for parsing my xml file. Its working fine , but now my requirement is that i need to get the name of the tag/namespace. Ex:-


Now my requirement is that suppose i dont know wat are the namespaces present in the xml file. And i want to first get the namespaces like contact, phone,type from the above example. And than later on i need to get their corresponding element.

I can get the element names by mentioning the namespaces by below code..

require '../src/qp.php';
$xml ='test.xml';
echo "Printing individual Data<br />";
print qp($xml, 'phone')->text();
print qp($xml, 'type')->text();
echo "<br />Printing all the data<br />";
print qp($xml)->text();

But how to display the tag names in querypath????

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