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I'm having some problems in displaying elements in different regions.

After installing and using Croogo for a while, I made several trials adding custom elements and custom menus. If I choose region 'right' (being the default region for elements used by Croogo once installed) everything is fine and I'm able to add anything I want without any problem.

Anyhow when I choose any other region to display my element (header, footer, left) nothing is displayed (looking at the source of the page I noticed the element is not even rendered). Am I missing something? How can I actually use different regions to display elements/blocks?

I'm also a bit confused about the 9 regions (named regionX with X=[1,..,9]) available along with header, footer, left, right. What's their purpose? Do they actually represent a region on the screen or they have been left not configured?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You probably need to adjust your theme.json so that the desired regions is loaded.

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