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I would like to create a Handsontable in Javascript using an array that exists on the server side. The array has one column:

$table[] = "a";
$table[] = "b";

To load it in a Handsontable it needs to be converted into:

var input = [["a"],["b"]];
data: input,
startRows: 1,
startCols: 1

In PHP I'm using JSON to encode it first:

<?php echo json_encode($table); ?>

and then getJSON or another ajax function to get it on the client side under this format, but I cannot find the correct way. Hope someone can help.

To post it I have tried 1) posting it using a hidden field

<input type="hidden" name="input_field" value=<?php echo json_encode($table); ?> >

and get in the Ajax part with:

var input = $('#input_field').val();

but the alert returns: undefined, and the array {a,b} is not loaded in the Handsontable. 2) Alternatively I'm trying to use $.getJSON. In PHP:

$table = array();  
$table[] = array("a");
$table[] = array("b");
echo json_encode($table);

In Ajax:


The alert is not triggered and the Ajax code has an error I think because the Handsontable is not displayed. Thanks.

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On the server side, you can create an array of arrays

$table[] = array("a");
$table[] = array("b");
echo 'var input = ' . json_encode($table) . ";\n";

this will give

var input = [["a"],["b"]];

No need for hidden fields or $.getJSON(), because this is already a javascript array, which can be fed to handsontable.

If you want to do it on the client side, loop through the array and build the new array from the JSON entries

var json = ["a", "b"];
var input = Array();
for (var i in json)


There are two problems with the hidden field in your question, first is you must put quotes around value="..." and escape the quotes inside the value. The second problem is in the jQuery selector. #input_field looks for an element with an id, but not a name. For this to work, you must add id="input_field" to the hidden input.

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Thanks a lot ! I'm also stuck when I try to post the JSON object to the client. I am trying either - with a hidden field <input type="hidden" name="input_field" value=<?php echo json_encode($table); ?> > var x = $('#input_field').val(); - either with a $.ajax() or $.getJSON() What do you think is the best? Cheers – user2032001 Feb 1 '13 at 11:14
@user2032001 If you have the data available, when the page is sent to the client, you need neither hidden fields nor an ajax request. Just embed the data in a <script> tag. – Olaf Dietsche Feb 1 '13 at 11:23
I would need to post the data from the server as the array is a variable in reality. Let me edit the question to give more details. – user2032001 Feb 2 '13 at 12:17
@user2032001 I have updated my answer. As I said, you don't need a hidden field or getJSON. Just create a javascript variable input and you're done. – Olaf Dietsche Feb 2 '13 at 14:25
Olaf, thank you very much! This worked without posting anything just create the javascript variable in the php part. I couldn't get through this without your help, thanks again. – user2032001 Feb 3 '13 at 13:33

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