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I have two select list . And I use ko.utils.arrayFilter method to change my select list. Everything is good when i use it to do "Add Field" or "Remove Field".

But when i changed the viewmodel,then i click the "Add Field" or "Remove Field" the select list won't update correctly.

        self.test = function(){

            var idx =  self.rightSeleted();
            var selectedField = $.grep(self.availableFields(), function(n, i){
                return n.FieldNameId == idx;
            var currentValue = selectedField[0].IsAsc();


my sample code is in here

Did i do something wrong when bindding select list ?!


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I've updated your jsFiddle, and it seems to work. I changed your method to select from the arrays to use the Knockout method, and I removed your test method, as that was being called when nothing in the right dropdown was selected, so was blowing up.

var selectedField = ko.utils.arrayFirst(self.availableFields(), function(item){
                return item.FieldNameId == idx;
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Thanks~!!! It's working now!! You make a clear point for me~! – PainkillerJoe Feb 1 '13 at 13:53

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