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I am really stuck at the moment. When I put a Required attribute on a field, Update-Database did not work. I had to go to the database and drop a constraint and then it did work. So problem solved. However since then all the changes I have tried to make have been ignored. I get;

PM> Update-Database -Verbose
Using StartUp project 'SCD'.
Using NuGet project 'SCD.Model'.
Specify the '-Verbose' flag to view the SQL statements being applied to the target database.
Target database is: 'SherryGreenGroup' (DataSource: SQL_MULALLEY, Provider: System.Data.SqlClient, Origin: Configuration).
No pending code-based migrations.
Running Seed method.

It simply ignores the change I am making and nothing I can do will change that. Why would this be and how do I fix it?

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The problem I found was that I moved the dll of my database project into a lib library, and this disrupted how Database Migrations works.

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