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i have a form with textareas like this:

<TEXTAREA NAME="tekniku_mesazh" id='tekniku_mesazh' COLS=40 ><pre><?php echo $row['tekniku_mesazh'];?></TEXTAREA>

Now, what i need to do is, i want the text to be visible inside it, i've tried:

textarea {

But this won't work, why is that? Thanks

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Does this text render inside? Maybe you have to change font color? Or check if this php script loads the text? –  kmb Feb 1 '13 at 10:16
You're missing an ending </pre> tag. After the PHP. –  EM-Creations Feb 1 '13 at 10:51

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Possible problems:

1) If your $row['tekniku_mesazh'] string has html special chars, that may hide the text. escape them:

<TEXTAREA NAME="tekniku_mesazh" id='tekniku_mesazh' COLS=40 ><pre><?php echo htmlentities($row['tekniku_mesazh']);?></TEXTAREA>

2) The "pre" tag is not closed, that will not hide the content, but it's a mistake also:

<TEXTAREA NAME="tekniku_mesazh" id='tekniku_mesazh' COLS=40 ><pre><?php echo htmlentities($row['tekniku_mesazh']);?></pre></TEXTAREA>

3) It's only a small/perfectionist mistake: use lowercase for tags:

<textarea name="tekniku_mesazh" id='tekniku_mesazh' cols=40 ><pre><?php echo htmlentities($row['tekniku_mesazh']);?></pre></textarea>

You may also simplify the php by using the shorter sintax (but that is not a mistake):

<textarea name="tekniku_mesazh" id='tekniku_mesazh' cols=40 ><pre><?=htmlentities($row['tekniku_mesazh'])?></pre></textarea>

I hope it help you.

Best regards, Adrian M.

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Thanks for your reply.. My issue is, if i put this, all i get inside the textarea is <pre> </pre> –  Alb M Feb 1 '13 at 10:27
Hum, it look like your row['tekniku_mesazh'] is empty, try to echo the content: <?php var_dump($row['tekniku_mesazh']); ?> –  Adrian Maire Feb 1 '13 at 11:06
It's not empty in fact.. –  Alb M Feb 1 '13 at 11:46

You forgot a <pre> and first you have to check if actually rows[] cointains something

so and the top of the script you should write

var_dump($row); // Just for Debugging

<textarea name="tekniku_mesazh" id='tekniku_mesazh' cols=40 ><pre><?php echo $row['tekniku_mesazh'];?></pre></textarea>

also you can use the id for the css

#tekniku_mesazh {

ps: you should a simple name for css :)

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