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I am using the following code in X++ to get table names:

client server public static container tableNames()
tableId         tableId;
int             tablecounter;
Dictionary      dict = new Dictionary();
container       tableNamesList;

for (tablecounter=1; tablecounter<=dict.tableCnt(); tablecounter++)
    tableId = dict.tableCnt2Id(tablecounter);
    tableNamesList = conIns(tableNamesList,1,dict.tableName(tableId));

return tableNamesList;

Business connector code :

tablesList = (AxaptaContainer)
                CallStaticClassMethod("Code_Generator", "tableNames");

for (int i = 1; i <= tablesList.Count; i++)
    tableName = tablesList.get_Item(i).ToString();

The application hangs for 2 - 3 minutes while fetching data. What could be the cause? Any optimizations?

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Rather than use ConIns, use +=, it will be faster

tableNamesList += dict.tableName(tableId);

ConIns has to work out where in the container to place the insert. += just adds it to the end

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Thanks for answering, but it still hangs. – semantic_c0d3r Feb 4 '13 at 10:48

As mentioned before avoid conIns() when appending elements to a container because it makes a new copy of the container. Use += instead to append in place.

Also, you may want to check for permissions and leave out temporary tables, table maps, and other special cases. Standard Ax has a method to build a table name lookup form that takes these things into account. Check the method Global::pickTable() for details.

You could avoid some calls through the business connector as well and build the entire list in Ax in a similar way and return that in a single function call.

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If you are using Dynamics Ax 2012, you could skip the treeNode stuff and use the SysModelElement table to fetch the data and return it immediately as a .Net Array to easy up things on the other side.

public static System.Collections.ArrayList FetchTableNames_ModelElementTables()
    SysModelElement                 element;
    SysModelElementType             elementType;
    System.Collections.ArrayList    tableNames = new System.Collections.ArrayList();

    // The SysModelElementType table contains the element types 
    // and we need the recId for the next selection
    select firstonly RecId
    from  elementType
    where elementType.Name == 'Table';

    // With the recId of the table element type, 
    // select all of the elements with that type (hence, select all of the tables)
    while select Name
        from element
        where element.ElementType == elementType.RecId

    return tableNames;
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Alright, I have tried a lot of things and in the end, I decided to create a table consisting of all table names. This table will have a Job populating it. I am fetching records from this table.

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