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document Structure:

class UserAccountInfo
       public String Id { get; set; }
       public AccountType AccountType { get; set; }Servicetax
       public String MainAccountMobileNo { get; set; }
       public UserStatus Status { get; set; }
       public String EmailId { get; set; }
       public String DisplayName { get; set; }
       **public Object User { get; set; }**

object stores instance of any type that is mentioned in Account type. the type that is stored in the object can be found using Accountype for ex; if Accountype is customer then instance stored in the object will be AccountinfoCustomer and so on. So using that I've tried to query but getting the following exception from raven.

var Result = sess.Query<UserAccountInfo>().Where(x => x.AccountType == usertype && ((AccountInfoCustomer)x.User).Customerstatus == CustomerStatus.Pending);

{"Url: \"/indexes/dynamic/UserAccountInfos?query=AccountType%253ADistributor%2520AND%2520User).Customerstatus%253APending&start=0&pageSize=128&aggregation=None\"\r\n\r\nSystem.ArgumentException: The field ')_Customerstatus' is not indexed, cannot query on fields that are not indexed\r\n at Raven.Database.Indexing.Index.IndexQueryOperation.AssertQueryDoesNotContainFieldsThatAreNotIndexes()

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This should work. Tested in current stable RavenDB 2.0.2230.

Tests here: https://gist.github.com/4692351

Are you on an older version?

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Matt. I've changed the build to latest build 2.0.2230. still that doesn't work for me.And the exception i get is.[System.InvalidOperationException] = {"Url: \"/indexes/dynamic/UserAccountInfos?query=User).Customerstatus%253APending&start‌​=0&pageSize=128&aggregation=None\"\r\n\r\nLucene.Net.QueryParsers.ParseException: Could not parse: 'User).Customerstatus:Pending' ---> Lucene.Net.QueryParsers.ParseExcept... Is there any specific libraries that you have added for this query to get executed. –  user1811801 Feb 2 '13 at 6:00
Sorry Matt.. that was my mistake i didn't update the raven client library that's what caused the problem. Now its working thanks –  user1811801 Feb 2 '13 at 6:37

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