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I am thinking on how to build an spotify app that does beat detection (extract bpm of a song). For that I need to access the raw audio, the waveform, and analyze it.

I am new to building spotify apps. I know that with "libspotify" you can access raw audio. Can you do the same through the spotify apps API? And how?

For the record, currently exist two spotify apps apis:

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In a word: no. That isn't currently available in the Apps API.

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Unless you're really keen on writing that beat detection code yourself, you should look at the APIs provided by the EchoNest, which include that (and many other awesome things).

see Getting the tempo, key signature, and other audio attributes of a song

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I actually wanted to write it myself. Anyway, thanks for the advice! – wizbcn Feb 12 '13 at 22:59

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