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Im using the datapump API - it works fine with my products, but now with updating images it wont work.

This is my array that Magmi doesnt like

array(5) {
  string(6) "simple"
  string(6) "131017"
  string(76) "/ext/vhosts/site/subdomains/m/public/importer/../import/NO/A_131017.jpg"
  string(76) "/ext/vhosts/site/subdomains/m/public/importer/../import/NO/A_131017.jpg"
  string(76) "/ext/vhosts/site/subdomains/m/public/importer/../import/NO/A_131017.jpg"

When I imported my products, this worked fine, but there were descriptions etc. on

I have the following magmi settings:

  • using mode - Update existing items only,skip new ones
  • Image import mode - override existing images
  • Pre-download check for remote images - enabled
  • Assign only existing images - no
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This question may be a bit better handled at – benmarks Feb 1 '13 at 13:35
Thanks benmarks, did not knew that existed. – Martin Feb 1 '13 at 13:55

It seems like its a prerequisite of Magento import (and hence Magmi) that the images should be placed inside the media/import folder. So, regardless of where you run Magmi GUI from, the images should be placed inside the media/import folder. Moreover, if your images lie inside a folder inside media/import, you have to specify that in the import csv as well.

For example your images lie inside manufacturer-A folder, then you would have to also define on the image columns, the relevant folder path i.e. manufacturer-A/imagefilename.jpg
Plus, please be aware that it is a bad idea to have images named as 1.jpg, 2.jpg. Magento tries to create the subfolders for cacheing purposes using the first two letters in the filename. So a 1.jpg would ideally be placed inside 1/./1.jpg which is not possible because of the dot.

Note that when you define path for the images, it is not needed to define a full path just the relative path from the import folder (media/import) so in the example above, it is


and not


Hope this helps. :-)

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