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I am using perl DB_File module to persist the hash variable into a file.

My hash variable contains key as normal string and value as another hash variable.

I used Storable::freeze(\%value); to serialize the hash value.

But when I tried to retrieve the values, I got an error. For the first time when I run the retrieve code, it works. The next consecutive times, it fails.

I used method like this:

tie(%HASH, "DB_File", "dbfile", O_RDWR, 0444); 
foreach $key (%HASH)
    $hashRef = Storable::thaw($HASH{$key};  --> here it fails with the error 

Error message

Storable binary image v25.47 more recent than I am (v2.7) at ../../lib/ (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/ line 366, at line 15 at ../../lib/ (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/ line 74 Storable::logcroak('') called at ../../lib/ (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/Storable/ line 367 Storable::thaw('2/8') called at line 15

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Have a look at the error:

.... Storable::thaw('2/8') called ....

The value that you are trying to thaw is the scalar result of a hash.

I assume that the $HASH{$key} in

$hashRef = Storable::thaw($HASH{$key});

contains a hash (may be of frozen objects).

Try to add

use Data::Dumper;
print 'content : '.Dumper $HASH{$key};

before you try to thaw the value, to see its content.

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You forget to close ()


And are you shure you need thaw all keys? I think you have few fields and not all of them have to be Storable.

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