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I have two axes Y and Y2 used for plotting a dygraph. The values in y2 axes varies exponentially and labels thus clutters. I would like to scale this axis while keeping y axes linear. I have already tried logcale : true option but was of no help. Please help, if this option is supported in dygraph.

Thanks in advance

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It might be an indicator about the design of your graph. That said have you looked at this?

Gridlines and axis labels make charts easier to understand. They give the lines a clear scale. Unless you tell it otherwise, dygraphs will choose a y-axis and set of gridlines which include all of your data.

If you have many series with different scales, this will compress the variation in all but the largest one. Standard ways to deal with this include secondary y-axes and log scales.

If neither of these is to your liking, you can manually rescale your series and undo that scaling for the hover values. This demo shows how to do it.

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Dygraphs doesn't currently support log scale per axis. We' love to do it, but it will take some time. See to follow progress against it.

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