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Normally I would add items to a QCombobox by saying:

QCombobox cbb;

But if I try this I get an error:

QComboBox cbb;
QString * s = new QString("hallo");

error: no matching function for call to 'QComboBox::addItem(QString*&)'

How can I solve this?

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Don't use dynamic memory allocation with QString. QString handles memory management for the string internally - if you allocate the memory for the QString object yourself, you also need to take care of releasing the memory.

In your case, simply use

QComboBox cbb;
QString s = "hallo";
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If you use a pointer you'll need to de-referenciate it first: cbb.addItem(*s); Anyway why are you allocating a QString on heap and the comboBox (which most likely will get a parent) on stack?

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