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I am trying to go through an element and get all the attributes of that element to output them, for example an tag may have 3 or more attributes, unknown to me and I need to get the names and values of these attributes. I was thinking something along the lines of:

$(this).attr().each(function(index, element) {
    var name = $(this).name;
    var value = $(this).value;
    //Do something with name and value...

Could anyone tell me if this is even possible, and if so what the correct syntax would be?

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The attributes property contains them all:

$(this).each(function() {
  $.each(this.attributes, function() {
    // this.attributes is not a plain object, but an array
    // of attribute nodes, which contain both the name and value
    if(this.specified) {
      console.log(this.name, this.value);

What you can also do is extending .attr so that you can call it like .attr() to get a plain object of all attributes:

(function(old) {
  $.fn.attr = function() {
    if(arguments.length === 0) {
      if(this.length === 0) {
        return null;

      var obj = {};
      $.each(this[0].attributes, function() {
        if(this.specified) {
          obj[this.name] = this.value;
      return obj;

    return old.apply(this, arguments);


var $div = $("<div data-a='1' id='b'>");
$div.attr();  // { "data-a": "1", "id": "b" }
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Brilliant, thank you. That worked perfectly. –  Styphon Feb 1 '13 at 12:08
You may want to fix it when there's no matched elements e.g. $().attr() –  Alexander Feb 1 '13 at 12:17
The attributes collection contains all possible attributes in older IE, not just those that have been specified in the HTML. You can work around this by filtering the attributes list using each attributes specified property. –  Tim Down Feb 1 '13 at 13:08
Thanks alot for this! saves me alot of time! awesome! –  ah-shiang han Jan 8 at 10:11
This is a very good and expected functionality for jQuery .attr() method. It's strange jQuery does not include it. –  Kremchik May 21 at 10:06

with LoDash you could simply do this:

_.transform(this.attributes, function (result, item) {
  item.specified && (result[item.name] = item.value);
}, {});
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