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Using PhantomJS V 1.8.1

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to run some tests on a website that I am developing which is using backbone.js.

One of my tests involve checking to see if a Canvas is present and clicking on it. My problem is that whatever selector I use to get the Canvas Element I cannot get the selector to find it. I use the same CSS selector in Google Chrome when viewing the page and all is OK. At first I thought that the issue may have been due to the element not being present on the page but other elements which are inserted with the canvas are present so I am 99% sure that this is not the problem.

The selectors I have tried to use are:



Also if I use .classClassName:nth(1) to select the tyre selector, it still fails to work (works in Google Chrome though as does the other examples provided)

The canvas has a class name which is picked up by the selector by I would rather not use a class selector.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers :)


Like I mentioned I am almost certain that the Canvas exists as the container div for it exists. Also I have four elements on the page with the same className (two of which are canvases) and four elements are being returned when I run

return document.querySelectorAll('.className').length = 4;

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Just tried "this.echo(this.getHTML('#canvasWrapperDiv'));" and nothing was returned suggesting that the canvas is not present. – user2032410 Feb 1 '13 at 12:40

Assuming you have something like this:

<canvas id="idOfCanvas"></canvas>

This should work:

canvas = document.getElementById("idOfCanvas");
// or
canvas = document.querySelector("#idOfCanvas"); // Only get the first match, ID's should be unique, any way.;
// or
canvas = document.querySelectorAll("#idOfCanvas")[0];
// or
canvas = document.getElementsByTagName("canvas")[0]; // Get the first <canvas> element.

However, you'll have to make sure your canvas element is actually loaded when the script is executed. Have a look at this onload tutorial, for example.

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Try this :

canvas = document.getElementById(#IdOfCanvas:nth-child(1));
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