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I want to write a single, bold red line in my application using Qt.

As far as I understand, I would create a QLabel, set its textFormat to rich text and give it a rich text string to display:

QLabel *warning = new QLabel;
warning->setText("{\\rtf1\\ansi\\ansicpg1252 {\\fonttbl\\f0\\fswiss\\fcharset0 Helvetica;} {\\colortbl;\\red255\\green0\\blue0;} \\f0 \\cf0 this is bold red text}");

I tested this rich text string in a rich text editor and it displays fine.

But Qt displays the whole string with all braces, keywords and backslashes instead of "this is bold red text". What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help.

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Try using HTML formatting: <b><font... etc </b>.

Qt Designer does it like this: <span style=" font-size:8pt; font-weight:600; color:#aa0000;">TextLabel</span>

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You may need to set the QLabel's textFormat attribute to Qt::RichText. – dwj Jan 29 '13 at 23:43

You can use Qt StyleSheets and set the styleSheet property of QLabel

warning->setStyleSheet("font-weight: bold; color: red");

Qt supports most CSS styles on its QWidget-derived classes. You don't need to set the text format to Qt::RichText for this to work.

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Qt uses a simple HTML subset for formatting.

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You can also do it programmatically using the settext function. Something like this:

QString labelText = "<P><b><i><FONT COLOR='#ff0000' FONT SIZE = 4>";
labelText .append(Text what u want to display);
labelText .append("</i></b></P></br>");
QLabel label->setText(labelText);

You can do it in a single line as well.

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