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When I create a new project (or even when I edit the Sample Project) there is no way to add Description to the project.

Or am I blind to the obvious?

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How is this question a programming related question? Or do we let it slide cause the creater of FogBugz happens to be one of the creators of this website? :P –  Till Sep 21 '08 at 11:57
OK, I agree its not a programming question! But it is programming related. Remember, What is the best programming chair is a valid question here :) –  prakash Sep 22 '08 at 15:15

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There's no such thing as a project description, really. There's a column in the Projects page which is used so you can see which project is the default, built-in inbox, and we couldn't think of anything better to put as the column header for that column.

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You are not crazy. It is used internally and not even stored in the database. I wondered the same thing when I first started using FogBugz, but found a forum entry to answer my question. As of today, I still don't think they have implemented it. Jump over to FogCreek and submit a request, if you would like to make it editable.

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The description is mostly for system projects, like e-mail inbox.

You might be able to set one in the underlying DB table.

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