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According to documentation cakephp2book-form my implementation of form input should be ok :

<?php echo $this->Form->input("old",array(
    'label'=>array('text'=>__("Stare hasło"),'class'=>'control-label'),
    'class'=>'input-xlarge focused',
    'between'=>'<div class="controls">',
    'error' => array('attributes' => array('wrap' => 'span', 'class' => 'help-inline')),
)); ?>

But something is wrong. I get an error:

Warning (2): Invalid argument supplied for foreach() [CORE/Cake/View/Helper/FormHelper.php, line 672]

In function FormHelper::error() variable $error should be an array instead of error message.

When I remove error customization:

'error' => array('attributes' => array('wrap' => 'span', 'class' => 'help-inline'))

from input, everything work great.

What I'm doing wrong?

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Ok. I have found what was wrong. $this->User->validationErrors['old'][] = __("Error"); instead of $this->User->validationErrors['old'] = __("Error"); – marek rodkiewicz Feb 3 '13 at 17:03
You can use github.com/slywalker/TwitterBootstrap for not having to do those customizations manually. – nanoman Feb 21 '13 at 9:24
$this->User->validationErrors['old'][] = 'some value' the solution was tricky, I upvoted you bro – Farhan Jan 12 at 18:31

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