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Probably I'm in a kind of misunderstanding problem, but here is the thing:

  • I want my <domain>/index.html publicly available and everything else should be protected.

I'm using shiro web + guice:



addFilterChain("/index.html", ANON);
addFilterChain("/**", AUTHC);


This configuration is leading me to a "TOO MANY REDIRECTS LOOP" problem. Shiro documentation says here it uses a FIRST MATCH WIN policy, but I think I didn't get it well.

Any thoughts?

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On the surface, your filter chain looks like it should work. I probably can't diagnose your too many redirects issue without a bit more information - content of index.html, what http is actually returned from the server when you hit index.html, etc.

However, I CAN tell you that you shouldn't need to do this. The AUTHC filter has a special case for the "loginUrl" page - it will let it through. So try removing the ANON filter, and see how things go.

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Nice! Actually your answer gave the right clues and I figured out that my index.html (which hosts a GWT module) tries to reach a few GWT content not allowed according to my filter policy above. Now I need to make GWT requests secure with Shiro only after the module has been loaded. Thanks!! – Christian Feb 1 '13 at 18:48

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