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I often have some piece of code that repeats.

Usually, I put them in a function, but sometimes I hate to do this because :

  • it requires too many parameters
  • the code is usually very specific to a little part of the whole. So I finally have two or three function that are only used in one place.

So, to simulate Inline code which is missing from C#, I use Action delegates :

public void Display(DateTime from, DateTime to)
    var start = from.ToOADate();
    var end = to.ToOADate();


    // This Action delegate helps me not to repeat the code.
    var removePoints = new Action<Series>(serie =>
        var pointsToRemove = serie.Points.Where(pt => pt.XValue < start || pt.XValue > end).ToArray();

        foreach (var pt in pointsToRemove)



This is quite helpful, especially because the Action delegate execution context can use the local variables.

I seems good to me, but I never saw nowhere Action delegates used this way. That's why I would like to know if this practice could be recommended, or if might causes issues I dont know.

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I missed this question where an answer can be found about this use case, plus a lot of Action delegate uses : stackoverflow.com/questions/371054/… – Larry Feb 1 '13 at 13:53
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As long as it doesn't get too confusing, there is nothing wrong with that.

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It is perfectly valid to have a function that is only called once if it makes the code easier to read and maintain.

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