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I'm interacting with ActiveMQ via STOMP. I have one application which publishes messages and a second application which subscribes and processes the messages.

If I am writing messages to a queue I can be certain that, if I have two consumers, each message will only be processed once (because when a message is completed it is removed from the queue) - but is this functionality available from a topic?

For example; I have a third application which is a logger. I want the logger to receive each message the publisher emits, but I also want exactly one of two (or three or four etc…) of the processors to receive the message too.

Is this possible?


It occurs to me that a good way of doing this would be to have a topic which the publisher writes to, and a queue which the processors listen to, with something pushing every message from the topic onto the queue. Can ApacheMQ do this internally?

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You can do this internally in ActiveMQ using Mirrored Queues and also use Virtual Topics for some other advanced routing semantics. If you want to have the option of other EIP type messaging patterns then I'd recommend you look into Apache Camel which provides a whole host of EIP pattern functionality.

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