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I want to pass a parameter to my controller, its a simple check box but I dont know how I introduce this in my form_for of a model, see this is my view:

<%= form_for @finance,:html => { :id => 'go_finance' } do |f| %>    
    Transferir de :<%= :from_money, { |p| [,] } %>
    para: <%= :to_money, { |p| [,] } %>
    Entrada: <%= f.text_field :input,:id => "input",:placeholder => "Quanto foi ganho ?" %>
    Saída: <%= f.text_field :output,:id => "output",:placeholder => "Quanto foi gasto ?" %>
    Nota: <%= f.text_area :note %>
    <%= f.submit %>
<% end -%>

I want to make a extra checkbox but how can I make this, no a object in model but a object some to check to make a if else in controller, if check if no check, please help-me and thanks a lot, thanks

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You can try to use check_box_tag

<%= check_box_tag :my_attr %>

then just check for a params[:my_attr] in the controller. If params[:my_attr] exists in the controller, then the checkbox is checked.

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thanks this works. – overallduka Feb 1 '13 at 16:15

Add random checkboxes with check_box_tag:

<%= label_tag :rnd_boolean %>
<%= check_box_tag :rnd_boolean %>

# then in your controller
if params[:rnd_boolean]
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