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I need to build a constructor for a Vector of pointers to classes...

My class is :

class Song {

    string song_name;

    string auther_name;

    int popularity;

    SongStructure song_format;

    int song_length;

    int lengths[size];

    bool first_condition_true();

    bool second_condition_true(int index);



My vector is :

vector<Song*> play_list;
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What's the actual problem? The std::vector<Song*> already has a constructor, you don't have to create that one. –  Yexo Feb 1 '13 at 14:00
Yes, and your problem is? –  Joachim Pileborg Feb 1 '13 at 14:00

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With the new standard C++11 / 0x initializer list has been introduced:

I assume you wanted to create a SongBook class containing a vector of Song-Pointers and then additional Infos. They can be used like this:

Class file:

class SongBook {
    vector<Song*> songlist;
    string name;

    // Constructor
    SongBook(std::initializer_list<Song*> songs) : songlist(songs) {}

and then call like this from your main for example

SongBook book({new Song(...), new Song(...), new Song(...)});
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Your vector have a working constructor that you can use. (It create place for the pointers). What you are asking for is probably a way to make the pointers point to some valid Song. You will need to do that in some loop (STL "loop" probably). But you probably dont need that, becouse your Song is legaly copyable!?. You can use vector<Song>

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