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I have an XPage which contains a view in a database which resides on another server. When some users (administrative access = plenty rights) login they see the view - no problem. When other users do they get the "Unable to open database" in the browser. All these users have access to both databases but not via the XPage.

Where do I look? The source server must be trusted since it works for some users. Thanks in advance

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A couple of things to check:

  1. Make sure that the XPage server is listed as Trusted Servers field in the server document of View server (even if it works for admins it's good to check this).

  2. The XPage server must be in the ACL of the View database. I believe Readers is enough but if it does not work then try with higher access levels.

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Thank you Panu Haaramo - I will try that and get back with the result! –  Anders Gram Mygind Feb 4 '13 at 7:37
It works - thank you very much! –  Anders Gram Mygind Feb 4 '13 at 8:41

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