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i need help with batch file for Get windows date and save this date and after Set this date again.

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Please try to explain a bit more your need, as it is confusing what you would like to perform –  Abu Romaïssae Feb 1 '13 at 14:37

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To get the date and store it, use something like:

set BackupDate=%date:~4%

(the %date% part gets the date, and the :~4 part gets everything after and including the first four characters)

To set the date to a custom date, use:

date mm-dd-yy

To restore the date again, use:

date %BackupDate%
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Your wording is a little unclear, but to output the date you can use:

C:\ date /t
Fri 02/01/2013

As far as saving and "setting" it you are going to have to explain what you mean. Typing just DATE allows you to display the date and then prompts you to enter a new one.

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