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Is there a key binding to move the point to end of the next string?

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If point is at the beginning of the string, you can use C-M-f to move past the end:

 "this is my string"
↑ from here         ↑ to here

However, this doesn't work if point is inside the string. C-s " might be the simplest way.

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Most programming modes will define a syntax class for delimiters of string literals. You can use skip-syntax-forward to move to these. I don't know exactly the behavior you want, but this is the key to finding where string delimiters are.

(skip-syntax-forward "^\"")
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Yes, at least a couple of them. C-u 2 C-e or C-n C-e come to mind.

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(move-end-of-line 2) is the function.

If you want, you can bind it to a key with:

(global-set-key [f8] '(lambda () (interactive)(move-end-of-line 2)))

Here you bind it to f8. But yea, most logically you would use C-n C-e

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