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I try to optimize performance of memory operation for cuFFT. So I try to pass a whole signal to cuFFT, not a matrix of overlapped feature frames, but results are randomly different.

Example of standard code:

cufftPlanMany(&plan, 1, &nFrameSize, NULL, 1, nFrameSize, NULL, 1, nOutSize, CUFFT_R2C, nFrameCount);
cufftExecR2C(plan, pMatrixGPUIn, pGPUOut);

Example of optimized code:

cufftPlanMany(&plan, 1, &nFrameSize, NULL, 1, nFrameStep, NULL, 1, nOutSize, CUFFT_R2C, nFrameCount);
cufftExecR2C(plan, pSignalGPUIn, pGPUOut);


nFrameSize - Size of one frame

nFrameStep - Offset of borders of neighbor frames.

nOutSize - Size of output frame, nOutSize = nFrameSize / 2 + 1

nFrameCount - Frame count per signal

pMatrixGPUIn - Column oriented matrix of overlapped frames in device memory, where 1 column represents one frame

pSignalGPUIn - Original signal in GPU memory.

Also MKL's functions: fftwf_plan_many_dft_r2c() and fftwf_execute() generate the same results in both cases.

Why does not cuFFT work with the original signal, when it should do?

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What does "does not work" mean, specifically? Can you give a concrete example? – Oliver Charlesworth Feb 1 '13 at 14:30
Generated results in pGPUOut are randomly different. E.g. sometimes results are equal, sometimes different in different places. Few standard program outputs: Checking Result... Failed. 8255 element is different. Matrix = [24.491737;0.000000], Signal = [0.000000;0.000000] Checking Result... Failed. 9296 element is different. Matrix = [-42.979771;47.420872], Signal = [0.000000;0.000000] etc – Anton E Feb 1 '13 at 14:45
Are you doing any error checking on your calls to cufftPlanMany and cufftExecR2C ? – Paul R Feb 1 '13 at 16:19
Yes, All calls return CUFFT_SUCCESS. – Anton E Feb 1 '13 at 16:51

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