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Currently, I have a quick filter to show me my task that does this:

assignee = currentUser()

This works ok, but doesn't show me tasks that are assigned to someone else, but have subtasks assigned to me. Is it possible to make it show me both tasks assigned to me, and tasks that have subtasks assigned to me?

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Create a filter for all of your subtask from the following JQL:

issuetype in subtaskIssueTypes() and assignee = currentUser()

Then, using Craftforge JQL Functions Plugin, use the following JQL to find their parents:

issue in parentIssuesFromFilter("filter name or its id")
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In addition to @Kuf's answer, it's sometimes much simpler to write the whole thing in one query especially with Swimlanes or Quick-Filters in Greenhopper, rather than creating and saving custom filter.

For instance, to show Un-finished Issues or Sub-tasks in one quick-filter on Greenhopper:

status!=Closed or issue in parentIssuesFromQuery("issuetype in subtaskIssueTypes() AND status!=Closed ")
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All issue open for me

assignee = currentUser() AND resolution = Unresolved ORDER BY updatedDate DESC
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Please explain your answer to make it clearer for other readers. – Mohit Jain Jun 23 at 13:04

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