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Is it possible to join the results of 2 sql SELECT statements as one statement where both are query the same tables, and look for values in the same column?

I want to have the id of a task (which is fine) but then I want to filter out certain values into 2 separate columns.

Currently I get get the data in 2 separately:

 SELECT id, string_value as Station FROM table WHERE datatype= 'station'

(column datatype doesn't need to be seen)

returns something like:

id            Station
task1         station1
task2         station2

and then I have

SELECT id, string_value as RespondingAction FROM table 
 WHERE datatype='RespondingAction'


id             RespondingAction
task1          Approve
task2          Decline

I want to basically combine these 2 queries, but I'm not sure how as they both look for the data in the same column. Hopefully the end result would be something like this:

id            Station           RespondingAction
task1         station1          Approve
task2         station2          Decline 
task3         station1          Decline
task4         station3          Pending (if null)

Sorry if this isn't too clear; I'm new to this and trying my best to work this out!

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SELECT id, MAX(Station), NVL(Max(RespondingAction), 'Pending')
  (SELECT id, 
    string_value as Station,
    NULL as RespondingAction
   FROM table
   WHERE dataType = 'station'


   SELECT id,
    NULL as Station,
    string_value as RespondingAction
   FROM table
   WHERE dataType = 'RespondingAction')


you can also try to replace

NVL(Max(RespondingAction), 'Pending')


   COALESCE(MAX(RespondingAction), CAST('Pending' AS <the type of column string_value>))
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@John misunderstood on first time ;) –  Raphaël Althaus Feb 1 '13 at 15:12
Gave this a bash in TOAD (don't know if I should have mentioned this before, as I said, very new at this). I'm getting a 'character set mismatch' error on the first line where it hits 'Pending' –  John Feb 1 '13 at 15:26
@John you may try to change COALESCE by NVL (you're working with Oracle, right ?) –  Raphaël Althaus Feb 1 '13 at 15:34
@John if it doesn't work, could you give the type of column string_value ? –  Raphaël Althaus Feb 1 '13 at 15:36
THANK YOU! that worked a treat! I've not got much experience with Oracle and this has just kind of been dumped on me! is COALESCE not valid in Oracle? –  John Feb 1 '13 at 15:41

Using CASE

   case dataType when 'station' 
                 then string_value else 'Pending' end Station,
   case dataType when 'RespondingAction' 
                 then string_value else 'Pending' end RespondingAction
FROM table WHERE datatype IN ('station','RespondingAction')
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