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Is there any way to access a file into assets folder by name with regular expression?

Only selected one file but obvious the suffix into the name

Something like:

    aFD =SessionManager.getAppContext().getAssets().openFd("box*.png");

The case:

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You should get all files from assets folder

AssetManager amgr = getAssets();
    String[] list = amgr.list("./");
    for(String s : list){
        Log.d("File:", s);
        //check if filename is what you need
        if (s.contains(what you need OR regex pattern)){
            //do staff

You can view all files and take only what you need, by using REGEX or contains()

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My question was oriented if the Android API would resolve it in a transparent way. However this response is valid. – Zeus Monolitics Feb 1 '13 at 16:25

Just walk through the list...

for( String fileName : getAssets().list( "" ) ) {
    if( fileName.endsWith( ".png" ) ) {
        // here's your image
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I wrote this code for get a file path name from assets directory by regular expresion:

public String getFileNameFromAssetsByExpresion(String dirFrom, String nameExp) {
AssetManager am = SessionManager.getAppContext().getAssets();
String nameRetExp = null;
try {
    for (String s : am.list(dirFrom)) {
    // check if filename is what you need
    if (Pattern.matches(nameExp, s)) { nameRetExp = s; break;}
} catch (IOException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
return nameRetExp;
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