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I have many LI that I am laying horizontaly using inline-block.

It works very nice, and I see

| [LI1]-[LI2]-[LI3] |
| [LI4   ]-[LI5]    |
| [LI6]-[LI7]-[LI8] |

on my browser, depending on the window width and the width of the individual LI's.

I would like that after some LIs, the "line breaks". For example, putting a "linebreak" after LI2, I would see

| [LI1]-[LI2]       |
| [LI3]-[LI4   ]    |
| [LI5]-[LI6]-[LI7] |
| [LI8]             |

Of course, it could be that LI3 breaks the line too.

I have full control over the CSS for every LI.

Thank you!

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I wouldn't do this with a CSS trick - I'd modify my HTML to reflect the structure of the list you want to display.

Here you could say that each horizontal set of <li> is its own <ul>. So you have a list of lists.

Check this JsFiddle. This way you get your result without the behaviour being hidden in some CSS, and it's easy to see what's happening in your markup.

EDIT: Ok since you can't touch the HTML, you can float all your <li> to the left, then make the first <li> on each row clear:left. See this edit to the JsFiddle...

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Hi! The problem is that I am not able to modify the HTML. just the CSS :-( – user2032816 Feb 1 '13 at 15:28
Have an edit, just for you. – Karl Barker Feb 1 '13 at 15:38
You are my hero! I can't vote for you... reputation < 15. I'm really sorry. – user2032816 Feb 1 '13 at 15:42

If you want a specific element to "line break" you just need to add a clear.

.myelement {
  clear: both;

<li class="myelement">Neighbor!</li>

Elements naturally migrate to the left. If all the elements are set to float: left, they will all migrate to the left and then break each time they run out of room. clear:both; makes them be the only item on that line.

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