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I'm using unity 1.1 version and i couldn't inject constructor. My code sush as:

Registering dependencies in global.asax Application_Startup method:

Core.Instance.Container.RegisterType<ICartBusiness, CartBusiness>();

Injecting constructor:

private ICartBusiness _business;
        public FooController(ICartBusiness business)
        { _business = business; }

mvc throwing this exception:

No parameterless constructor defined for this object.

P.S: i can't use any new version of unity because i'm using too referenced old dlls so i can't use unity.WebApi or unity.Mvc3 dlls.

How to do this?

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You need to tell ASP.MVC to use your container to resolve them.

Create an controller factory like

/// <summary>
/// Controller factory which uses an <see cref="IUnityContainer"/>.
/// </summary>
public class IocControllerFactory : DefaultControllerFactory
    private readonly IUnityContainer _container;

    public IocControllerFactory(IUnityContainer container)
        _container = container;

    protected override IController GetControllerInstance(RequestContext requestContext, Type controllerType)
        if (controllerType != null)
            return _container.Resolve(controllerType) as IController;
            return base.GetControllerInstance(requestContext, controllerType);

and register it via the ControllerBuilder in the global.asax

var factory = new IocControllerFactory(_container);

Every time the framework asks for a new controller it now uses your factory which uses you container.

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Thank you, i added IoCControllerFactory and I set ControllerFactory in global.asax's Application_Start method. But it throw exception on resolve controller. I think, I don't register any controller to container. –  Baris Feb 2 '13 at 9:11
Exception message is: The current build operation (build key Build Key[SampleProject.Controllers.SampleController, null]) failed: The parameter business could not be resolved when attempting to call constructor SampleProject.Controllers.SampleController(SampleProject.BusinessLayer.ICartBusi‌​ness business). (Strategy type Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder2.BuildPlanStrategy, index 2) –  Baris Feb 2 '13 at 9:13
please edit your question and add your code which –  Khh Feb 2 '13 at 10:46

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