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I'm running on nodejs and the client on an apache website. If I don't start the nodejs server and I load the client page up the error event is triggered with an empty error message and I also get the following dumped to my Chrome console

(anonymous function) general.js:7
(anonymous function)

What can I do to stop this error being written to the console?

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The only way to hide that error is by never calling io.connect in the first place – which of course would mean your app's socket functions wouldn't work even if the server is up.

It's important to understand that the error message you're seeing is neither something placed there by itself (via console.error()) nor is it an uncaught JS Exception.

The error message is placed in your console by the browser's XHR object itself. It's telling you that a XHR request has failed (since your server isn't running). The stack trace is telling you what code initiated the XHR request; it isn't a trace of an actual Exception.

Since must make a request to the server, there's no way it (or you) could prevent that error message from appearing in the console if the server isn't responding.

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What if had an option to let the user handle the error? Perhaps they did a try/catch or error handler on the XHR and delegated it to the client? – Murukesh Aug 10 '15 at 12:10


socket.on('connect_failed', function(){
    console.log('Connection Failed');

Not tested this. Found it here Node.js connect_failed event

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I have tried that event already, doesn't seem to catch it – michael Feb 1 '13 at 16:25

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