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I'm developing a security implementation for Play with composition of actions.

For security reasons sent an access token in the JSON request payload, not in the header of the request. What I do is, in an action (SecureAction) extract the token and continue with the next action ... As can modify the request in Http.Context? Some code ..

public @interface Secured {
    //TODO ver parametros de acceso ..... al metodo


public class SecureAction extends Action.Simple {

    public Result call(Http.Context ctx) throws Throwable {
        //TODO extract token of request "ctx.request().body()"
        //TODO change request with new body witout token and delegate to the next action
        return delegate.call(ctx);

 public static Result addAccount() {

     Form<Account> f = form(Account.class).bindFromRequest();
        if (f.hasErrors()) {
            return badRequest();



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I do not understand your question? What is your question? –  adis Mar 5 '13 at 10:44
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