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The question seems to be simple at first sight, but it is not quite simple for me. So, I have two dimensions - Customers with "id" and "date_of birth" attribute, and Dates with all the dates from the start of the business and up to now (the name of the attribute is "day_date"). What I want is to be able to analyze customer database distribution with respect to age at any reporting date, chosen from Dates. And, that is where I'm stuck. I know that I can calculate age in MDX, but, the query is quite slow, because Customers table contain half a million records, besides, this calculated age is a measure, so then the problem is to group records w.r.t. this calculated age.

Another solution I'm thinking about is to create a kind of help table in ETL, where I CROSS JOIN all the possible dates of birth with all the possible reporting dates, and there I'll be able to calculate age for any combination. Then, I'll connect this help table to Customers by intermediate table DatesOfBirth with date of birth as foreign key, and to Dates by "day_date" foreign key. Then, I'll create Customers Age dimension on the base on this help table (a kind of degenerate dimension) with attribute Age. It seems to be right solution, but the problem is that cross-joining initial tables gives me around 70 million combinations and it seems to be to much for me, so I worry about the performance of the cube.

Is there any other way to manage the task? Maybe there are "best practices" how to do that? I appreciate any help.

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I would calculate the age in the reporting layer. What kind of reporting technology are you using? –  Jeroen Bolle Feb 2 '13 at 15:11
Good suggestion. The reporting system is a kind of web-application. Definitely, it is feasible there. –  Oleksandr Feb 5 '13 at 13:46

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