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The VBE debugger keeps give me

1004 error (Application-defined or object-defined error)

on line "Worksheets("General").Cells(cur_index, 2).Value = cur_time"

or any attempts that I try to modify the cell value really.

The function is called from a cell in the same worksheet. but when I type ?

activesheet in the immediate window, there's nothing showing up. what's wrong?

Can someone tell me how to fix it and what's the problem? Thanks.

UPDATE: this is part of my code and i do have option explicit at the beginning of my code.

Function collectdata(cur_time)

Dim row_num As Integer, start_index As Integer, end_index As Integer, cur_index As Integer, col_num As Integer

row_num = 1
start_index = total_record * num_it + 21
end_index = start_index + total_record - 1

Dim rg As String
rg = "A" & start_index & ":A" & end_index

On Error GoTo err1

If cur_time > 0 And num_it < 10 Then

    cur_index = cur_time + 1200 * num_it

    Worksheets("General").Cells(cur_index, 2).Value = cur_time

    Worksheets("General").Range(rg).Value = num_it + 1

    For col_num = 3 To 12

        Worksheets("General").Cells(cur_index, col_num).Value = Cells(7, col_num).Value

    Next col_num

ElseIf cur_time = 1200 Then
    num_it = num_it + 1

End If

    Debug.Print Err.Description

End Function
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A VBA function used as a UDF can't modify the workbook - it can only return a value or array of values. –  Tim Williams Feb 1 '13 at 15:53
As per @TimWilliams mentioned, you can't modify other cells in UDF other than itself. Can you run the Function in VBA? If yes---> that's the problem, if no--> better specify cur_time's type. –  Larry Feb 1 '13 at 17:31

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This may not answer your question exactly, but I wish to help you fix your code a bit.

Put Option Explicit at the top of your code. This option will help you write your code in a more "strongly typed" manner.

Also, your num_it variable is undefined, and so it is empty. This line:

cur_index = cur_time + 1200 * num_it

Turns cur_index = 0. Then, the Cells(row, column) method gives the error because no worksheet has a row of 0. Rows and columns start at 1.

Also, set a data type to the parameter cur_time. Your code will error out if you pass a string to it, for example.

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actually it is defined and what i have pasted here is only part of my code –  user511792 Feb 1 '13 at 16:12
@user511792 ah. i see. can you please include a little more detail in your code? values that get sent to the function, for example, other variable's values, etc. so I can replicate the error? –  joseph4tw Feb 1 '13 at 16:48

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