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I am trying to access client's temp directory through my applet on my web project.
When I run the applet by itself, it gets the tempdir with no problem.

When I try to get it on my project using javascript and calling the applet method, I am having accessControlException on my javascript console. Also I am getting the same exception when I try to read a file under the temp directory.

This is what I see exactly:

java.security.accesscontrolexception access denied (java.util.propertypermission java.io.tmpdir read)
java.security.accesscontrolexception access denied (java.io.filepermission read)

How to solve java.security.AccessControlException?

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Possible duplicate of Applet method calling from Javascript. Of course, this applet also needs to be digitally signed & trusted, as is implied by 4 out of 5 of SO questions involving 'applet+accesscontrolexception'. –  Andrew Thompson Feb 2 '13 at 3:11

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Simplest solution is just to sign the applet.

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Not enough when JS is in the mix. –  Andrew Thompson Feb 2 '13 at 3:13
Thanks, but signing the applet was not the only thing that I had to do. I also needed to use AccessController.doPrivileged(new PrivilegedAction() { public Object run() { } }); method wherever i needed to access a file or system property. –  Hamit Ocak Feb 5 '13 at 9:19

See how to Grant the Required Permission for Applets.

You can read this post:

java.security.AccessControlException in Applet

Java applet java.security.AccessControlException

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