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I have prototyped a library with some image-processing algorithms in Python/Numpy/Scipy, and now I want to port the code to C# and WPF.

I have realized that, although the input files are images (photographs), conceptually what matters to my domain problem is that they are bidimensional arrays of floats, and the operations I perform (grayscale conversion, blur, blob detection, skeletonization), and even persistence, are best performed in floating-point "space", rather than in integer space (which means bytes - uint8 -, usually).

So, I took a look at .NET namespaces, and there are a lot of "Drawing" this, "Imaging" that, "Media" something, and I am utterly confused.

So, the question is: Which .NET class is the most obvious and commonly used "image data container" for floating point image processing.

I know about AForge, but since I am learning C# and my image-processing needs are not so heavy at this point, I'd like to give native .NET a chance (but that could be a bad idea anyway, so please let me know if it is).

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Good question. The fastest access that I've seen is by getting a pointer to the bytes of a perhaps reading/translating those bytes into a floating point space in a new array and then operating on the resulting array. – Tim Medora Feb 1 '13 at 16:27
Why not use float arrays directly‌​t-and – user629926 Feb 1 '13 at 18:16
@user629926 I suppose there might be some image classes with "embedded" useful methods related to basic image processing. If I use pure raw arrays, perhaps I would have to implement these methods myself. And it would be also necessary to know which are the preferred classes used by the most widespread image processing in C#. – heltonbiker Feb 1 '13 at 18:27

Based on what you already have, why not looking for the same libraries you used in Python but for C#/.NET? for example, for numeric calculations look at:



And for examples of image processing, maybe looking at the source code of Paint.NET (its latest open sourced version - openpdn Fork of Paint.NET 3.36.7) may give you an idea of what libraries to use for images:

Both libraries are in C#.

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